A Prayer for Writers

A Prayer for Writers

Today is the feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron of writers/authors.  My prayer today is that every word I commit to print may glorify God.

Some of our alumni are bloggers, some have written books.  Some, like me, are writing a book for the first time which we hope to have available on Kindle by summer – *cough*, *shamelessplug*.  Some of us occasionally publish articles in periodicals.  Some of us write lecture notes for the classes we teach that read like books.

St. Francis de Sales

A thought occurred to me a few years ago after I had been blogging for a while.  I had written something that I thought was funny (and objectively it was) but that had great potential to hurt.  That hurt would have come in the form of someone mistaking what I was saying, mis-reading my tone and intentions.  My wife pointed that out to me before I hit the publish button and I’m glad she did.  Those of us who write must consecrate our gift to God and pray always that He guide the words we use so that we produce works which are uplifting.  Sometimes, though, it is impossible to lift others up.  In those moments, as a writer, I like to think of the words given to me by a mentor when I first started teaching.  “When you teach,” he said, “remember what St. Paul said.  He teaches us that we have to do two things.  The first is to testify to the Truth at all times.  The second is to do all things with love.”

To my fellow alums who are writers, God bless you!

St. Francis de Sales, pray for us.

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