10/23/18 — Caregiver/Companion, Part-time personal assistant: California

Job Description for Caregiver/Companion

Part-time personal assistant

Location:  California

Our daughter Cristina Cecconi, is 31 years old and has a lifelong history of mild developmental disability (cognitively about 9 – 12 years old), seizure disorder since age 12,– controlled with medication, ( last seizure was over 17 years ago) and schizophrenia, since age 19, also controlled with medication. Cristina is pleasant and cooperative, can take care of her own personal hygiene and care. She occasionally suffers from fearful delusions for which she needs support and reassurance, and needs to be distracted when talking to someone who is not there.


Description of duties:

1) Daily supervision of Cristina (Three quarters of job)

  1. Checking she has done her morning routine of hygiene and dressing. She can perform herself, but needs reminders to brush teeth thoroughly, etc.
  2. Administration of medication, which ideally includes basic understanding of meds and dosages, and awareness of adverse symptoms.
  3. Driving Cristina to and from her day program, roughly 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. 2 – 5 times a week.  Free time available to candidate during that time.
  4. Occasionally taking Cristina to and from Dr. appointments.
  5. Supervising Cristina’s after program, evening and weekend activities. This should include supervising her chores, (she’s expected to keep her room picked up, fold clothes, set table, unload dishwasher) as well as providing exercise, and recreational activities.


2) Personal Assistant to Nancy and or John (one quarter of job)

  1. While Cristina is at program, may be asked to do any of the following:
  • Be available for handyman repairs on the house
  • Run errands to grocery store, post office, cleaners, etc.
  • Help with some entertaining tasks, eg. Food preparation,
  • Travel assistance such as making airfare/hotel arrangements.
  • Possible help with babysitting grandchildren, 2 yr old and twin newborns (due 10-9-2018)


Candidate will reside with us in our home (in California) in guest bedroom suite, with bathroom, and have use of our family vehicle for all activities of the job.  Be available to us on a flexible schedule, which will include 5 days a week, including weekend time.  When we are out of town for extended periods (up to 2 weeks), caregiving will be full-time with compensation either financially or with added days off upon our return.


Payment:  $4000 per month, plus medical insurance, and mileage reimbursement.


Holidays: Major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter off. Others negotiable.  At least two weeks vacation per year.

For more info, contact: Nancy Cecconi at nancy.cecconi@gmail.com

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