11/9/18 — Catholic family looking for a live in nanny

Catholic family looking for a live in nanny

We reached out to you a year and a half ago and asked if you could forward on a live in nanny job description for us.  Through your emails, we found our current nanny.  So thank you! She is leaving us in December to resume her education. We are once again in search of a live-in nanny.  We are looking for someone is a practicing, devout Catholic with a love of and experience with children. I have included the job description below, as it posted on catholicjobs.com and the direct is: https://www.catholicjobs.com/job/6435134947

Could we ask you to kindly forward this on again to anyone who may be interested in the position?
Thank you so much for you time,
God bless,
Meg and Chris Sturhahn

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