Youth Minister

St. John the Apostle,  Sandbridge Beach (just south of Virginia Beach)

If you have ever been to Sandbridge Beach (just south of Virginia Beach), you probably have attended a Catholic Church called St. John the Apostle, with a pastor there named Fr. Rob.  The interesting thing about Fr. Rob is that at first glance, you would think that you were in for a whole lot of kumbaya and felt banners and the like, due to his “surfer dude” type hair style and other things.  But as someone who has attended many a Mass with him, he is solid, and is a very good priest, and he is very knowledgeable about Christendom College (We have a very loyal donor family who are parishioners there who tell him great things about us).  The point to all of this is that Fr. Rob is looking for a youth minister, and I want to encourage any alumni to consider it.  It is a growing parish, with a school attached to it, and a very solid priest and deacon on staff. If you are interested, I would be happy to contact Fr. Rob directly and tell him to keep an eye out for your application.

Here is the job link:

God bless,

Tom McFadden

Vice President, Enrollment

Christendom College

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