2019 Alumni Lenten Retreat

2019 Alumni Lenten Retreat

The 2019 Alumni Lenten Retreat was amazing with more than 50 registered alumni participating.

Christendom Assistant Chaplain Fr. Tom gave two powerful talks titled “In the Shadow of the Cross.”

Alumni have graded the retreat as a “9” on a scale from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent)!

Listen to the 2019 retreat (as well as past years)

Read the retreat talks

Alumni comments include:

“I loved the time of day for the retreat so much! It was perfect for those of us with younger kids at home.”

“I enjoyed the personal questions he asked, such as ‘how do I see suffering’ and ‘do I see the cross as my salvation.’ These in conjunction with the quiet time allowed me time to reflect on how the talks should impact me personally in the way I see the Crucifixion.”

“It was really beautiful, thank you! It was great. I just wished I had jumped on the confession line sooner!”

“What I liked most about his talks was his enthusiasm for Our Lord. No matter what he is talking about, he puts his all into it and it lends credence to what he is saying. The content was phenomenal–I am still contemplating it and processing it.”

“I can’t get away from the family or afford much, so this was perfect for me and so, so beneficial. Thank you!”

“I liked everything he had to say about suffering, especially because it’s such a difficult topic to grasp in a world so obsessed with comfort.”

“I liked the fact that he gave the three S’s — Suffering, Salvation, Signs of Love–it made it easy to remember what he said in the talks.”

“It was very clear to understand and applicable. It was very down to earth but also very transcendent and encouraging.”

“I have been mulling over the content of Fr. Tom’s talk ever since Saturday. It has definitely helped me take on Lent with a new mindset and I am very thankful for having attended the retreat!  Fr. Tom excels at articulating spiritual concepts in an orderly, intellectual way. I never lost focus and was able to follow his thought process easily.”

“If Fr Tom was going to repeat the exact same thing every year, I would still come—it was that good, and that edifying!”

A Mass of Thanksgiving as well as a spiritual bouquet will be offered to Fr. Tom for his excellent retreat!

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