All Saints Catholic School:  Principal/School Administrator

Roswell, NM

Supervisor: Board, Diocesan Superintendent


The School Administrator will:

  • Use leadership, business management, supervisory, and administrative skills to promote the religious and educational development of each student.
  • Be responsible for the daily operations of the school including Principal and Business Management duties and the implementation of a faith-based curriculum.
  • Communicate the importance of supporting Catholic education to the community.



Required Qualifications:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree preferred.
  2. A valid New Mexico administrative license or equivalent as required by the State of New Mexico.
  3. Current and valid licenses and /or certificates must be on file as required.
  4. Five years of experience in school administration and supervision and/or teaching.
  5. Effective writing skills and use of Standard English.
  6. Must be a practicing Catholic in good standing.


Gina Buldra ASCS Board President 2019-2020