Alexandria, VA


St. Louis Parish and  Catholic School is looking for a Facilities Manager.

The Facilities Manager physically maintains the campus of St Louis Church and St. Louis School in excellent condition. Attractive and well-maintained physical facilities and grounds make it possible for both the parish and the school to carry out their mission most effectively.

1) Handyman skills: basic repairs, assembly, electrical, plumbing, painting, cleaning, set-up and take-down, and facility maintenance skills. (Physical demands include but are not limited to the following: ability to kneel, crouch, climb ladders, handle electrical wiring, navigate crawl spaces and attics, manipulate [lift, carry, move] up to medium weight of 60 lbs. Ability to use basic construction and maintenance tools.)
2) Management skills: supervise staff, schedule staff, and keep staff accountable in the Facilities Department. This includes employees of the parish/school as well as contracted services.
3) Facilities Project Management skills: Seek competitive bids and assist the Pastor in selecting contractors for facilities projects. Supervise and seek the best quality work from contractors. Work in collaboration with the Diocesan Office of Planning, Construction, and Facilities as needed. Able to read, understand, and analyze blueprints submitted by architects & engineers.
4) Administrative skills: Communicates well verbally and in writing, through email, etc. Bilingual is a plus! Organizes work orders to track efficiency. Develops deferred maintenance plans for 3, 5, and 10 year planning. Attentive to costs and expenses as they relate to a budget. Maintains “as-builts” of completed facility projects and all historical records including warranty information, make and model numbers of major pieces of equipment, and installation dates.

Physical and Maintenance Responsibilities:
• Performs basic, ad hoc repair, upkeep, setup, cleanup and campus maintenance of buildings, grounds and equipment, including basic electrical, plumbing and physical repairs and upkeep. Performs preventive and deferred maintenance.
• Ensures efficient operations of parish building systems, such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, security, and other systems.
• Regularly “walks the campus” to inspect the condition of all facilities and anticipate needed repairs and maintenance.
• Available on holiday, evening and off hours for ad hoc emergencies and other situations.

Administrative Responsibilities: 
• Reports to the Pastor, works with the Principal, and regularly submits reports to the Parish Building Committee.
• Attends staff meetings and Parish Building Committee meetings
• Oversees and manages maintenance staff, outside contractors, and groundskeepers.
• Work with Fairfax County offices as needed, including regulatory offices, police and Wire services. Serves as primary contact for utility companies.
• Works with diocesan offices as needed, including Office of Risk Management.
• Utilize effectively the parish software system “Asset Essentials” for the processing of work orders and the planning and execution of preventive and deferred maintenance
• Work with event coordinators to arrange setup and cleanup of parish and school events.
• Works within the facilities budget as established for each Fiscal Year.

Qualifications and Experience:
Education and work experience in facilities management, maintenance, construction industries, or related Wield. Professional certifications are considered a plus, such as IFMA, FMP, SFP, CFM, and LEED.

Salary and Work Schedule
Competitive salary based on qualifications. Ordinary hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm. This is an exempt position.

To inquire, contact Father O’Hare at