Clifton, VA


We are Catholic family seeking a part-time in-home family tutor/nanny to help with schoolwork and some childcare for our 5 children for the 2020-2021 school year. Our children attend St. Timothy Catholic School in Chantilly, VA but with the anticipated need for virtual school we are seeking assistance to get them organized, assist them in completing assignments as necessary, keeping them on track with assignments, and hanging with the littlest one.

Children are 13 (8th grade), 12 (7th grade), 10 (5th  grade), 7 (2nd grade), and 4 (PreK).

We live in Clifton, VA. We are currently waiting on the school’s proposed school schedule for the next school year so I do not yet have specifics on exact days/times but it should be fairly flexible – total number of hours needed would likely be around 20 hours per week depending on the final school schedule.

The ideal candidate would be someone with educational experience with children somewhere in the age range of our kids and has a good driving record (as picking up/dropping off at school may be necessary in our vehicle).

If interested please email Martha at