Rome, Italy


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Residence Coordinator (RC) is responsible for assisting the Rome Campus Director (RCD) and Director of Rome Academics in all aspects of the Rome Program. This is a 9-month position with a live-in requirement in Rome while the Rome semester is active (early September to early December and early February to early May.) The RC provides leadership and direction in the formation of the Rome Program students as a whole, as well as with the specific formation of male students. Based on the nature of this position and its role with male students only male applicants will be considered.

RESPONSIBLE TO: Vice President of Student Affairs and Rome Campus Director


1. Assist the RCD in the administration and implementation of the Rome Semester.
2. Perform various administrative and logistical tasks in Rome in coordination with the RCD.
3. Maintain a vibrant and ordered community within the student residence. This includes building community life, spiritual life and supporting the academic aspects of the program.
4. Maintain a clean and safe residence community by means of room inspections, curfew enforcement, alcohol policy enforcement, cleaning common areas, and student conflict resolution.
5. Facilitate and participate in all aspects of the program, including applicable tours and trips.
6. Assists with enforcing the Code of Student Conduct and Rome Semester policies.
7. Provide support and serve as a liaison for students in difficult health and well-being circumstances.
8. Assist Rome Semester professors with appropriate administrative tasks.
9. Lead day trips and group outings both in and outside of Rome.
10. Liaise with Italian vendors and organizations.
11. Assist with COVID-19 health and sanitizing protocols as mandated by the Italian government.


1. Must hold a college degree at the Bachelor level.
2. Must be highly organized and able to handle duties in an abroad setting.
3. Must have good interpersonal skills.
4. Must be physically able to handle the active lifestyle associated with abroad travel and walking tours.
5. Should have a strong understanding and comfort level with procedures and approaches for handling student issues in both residential and abroad settings.
6. Must be willing to acquire a student visa during the time in Rome (the College will assist with this process).
7. Experience with the Christendom Rome Semester as a student is preferred.


Those interested in the role should email a cover letter and resume to Vice President of Student Affairs Amanda Graf (