October 20, 2020

Dear friends,

Please allow me to thank all of you for the countless ways in which you have rallied around the McGuire and Erwin families during this difficult time.  The bond of charity, vinculum caritatis, which joins us together as a community has never been more manifest.

We are particularly grateful for all of the countless prayers and sacrifices that have been offered on Brendan and Vincent’s behalf.

Sadly, I must share some news for those who have not yet heard.

Our brother Vincent died early this morning, October 20th, fortified by the last sacraments, after a short, unexpected and intense battle with brain cancer.  He was 21 years of age.

We know you have kept Vincent in your prayers alongside Brendan since the summertime.  Please continue to do so.  Please also pray for the consolation of our parents who were bereft of two sons in a fortnight.

Like Brendan, Vincent adopted a heroic approach to his battle with the disease, keeping his supernatural end always in view.  We will miss him deeply.  He is survived by our parents, nine of eleven siblings, and his many nieces and nephews, including my son Raymond who was born in July and is Vincent’s godson.

As we go on (and indeed we must), gementes et flentes in hac lacrimarum valle, please know of our family’s deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of you, and for everything that the wider Christendom community has meant to us and will continue to mean to us in the future.

In addition to all of the prayers and sacrifices, we are most grateful for the many forms of hospitality we received during the time of Brendan’s wake and funeral.  I will of course be reaching out personally to as many of you as I can over the coming days.  In the meantime — to each and all who assisted with Brendan’s wake and funeral, or who provided or offered accommodations to the family, who shared a prayer, an anecdote, a tear, a hug, a shot of whiskey — please accept our deepest thanks.

I must sound a special note of thanks from the family to those many of you who attended Brendan’s Requiem Mass remotely — either via the live stream or simply through your prayers and intentions — although you would have wished to attend in person.  We know this was a real sacrifice, and it was not easy for us to ask this of you.  But we thank you for understanding why it was necessary, during this unusual time, to limit the number of in-person attendees.

In accordance with the traditions of the Church, we will be observing the 30th day after Brendan’s burial with another Requiem Mass, which will be celebrated on Friday, November 13th, at a location within driving distance of Front Royal.

If you are interested in attending, please email me at the following address: drmcguirefuneral@gmail.com.

Yours in Christ,

Daniel McGuire ’03