Hello Christendom Community,

I would like to ask the Christendom Community to pray for my younger brother Andrew. He is going into a 15 to 18-hour operation tomorrow that is both essential and delicate.

He is having spinal fusion for scoliosis as the shape of his spine (which is at about a 90 degree angle to the side) is cutting off his airways and digestive track slowly strangling and starving him. This procedure is in essence moving the vertebrae one at a time back to a reasonable position and fusing them to a new metal “spine”. If we do not have the surgery, he might live three or four more years.

However, due to the fact that he has been wheelchair bound his whole life, his bones have the density and strength of blackboard chalk. If the doctors mess up even a little bit, his whole spinal cord will shatter and he will die.

Basically, this surgery could save Andrew’s life, but it also has around an 80% chance of resulting in his death, and my family is desperately in need of prayers.

The surgery begins around 6am Oct. 22, the Feast of Pope Saint John Paul the Second, and will Continue all day.

Thank you so much.

In Pacem Christi,
Aidan Fletcher, Class of 2022