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Dear Alumni,

We are hiring in the Admissions Office!

If you are outgoing, self-motivated, energetic, and detail-oriented, with excellent oral and written communication skills, we would love to have you apply for the position of Admissions Counselor!

The role of Admissions Counselor is an entry-level position and it has a start date of mid-May. Below is a full job description.

The main duty of this Admissions Counselor position is to communicate the college’s mission and offerings to prospective students and their families/schools – both on the phone and in person in a compelling and effective manner.

If interested in applying, please email me your cover letter and resume by Thursday, April 1.

Wishing you a blessed Lent,

Sam Phillips (’08)
Director of Admissions
Christendom College
800.877.5456 (toll-free)
540-551-9185 (direct line)


DEPARTMENT: Enrollment Department

TITLE: Admissions Counselor

RESPONSIBLE TO: Associate Director of Admissions & Director of Admissions


The Admissions Counselor assists with the management of the communication flow between prospective students/families and the Admissions Office and helps move each prospective student through the admissions funnel (inquiry, apply, visit, deposit, enroll). The Counselor is in constant contact (telephone and email communication) with prospective students and their families, knowing each student’s interest level and status, and reports to Associate Director of Admissions in this regard. Additionally, the Counselor helps grow the interest in the College by assisting the Director of Admissions in mailing, calling, emailing, and visiting alumni, parents, schools, conferences, and parishes, and, on a limited basis, traveling around the country to give presentations on Christendom to prospective students and their families.


  • Serve as one of the first points of contact for new inquiries as they sign up through the website, email, ads, or other vehicle.
  • Manage portfolio of students, serving as their counselor/representative from their first point of contact through enrollment by communicating frequently with them to determine their level of interest, and to encourage them to move through the admissions funnel.
  • Know, understand, and address the common questions and concerns that prospective students and their families have regarding Christendom College, spending extensive amounts of time in conversation with them to help them overcome their hurdles and to appreciate the benefits of a Christendom education.
  • Contact assigned parents of summer program participants at the conclusion of each session to have phone conversation to discuss admissions items covered during the week, qualify their current interest, and guide them through the next steps.
  • Provide visitors with campus tours as needed.
  • Assist with Admissions Office events (Open House, Scholarship Competition, etc).
  • Conduct regular phone and email outreach to high school counselors and priests to build relationships with them and to encourage them to have their students attend the summer program, visit, and apply to Christendom.
  • Contact current Christendom parents and alumni to encourage them to host “Christendom 101” events at their homes or parishes or schools.
  • Assist the Director of Admissions in recruitment travel to targeted areas to offer presentations at high schools, parishes, conferences, and Christendom 101 events, and to conduct individual meetings with prospective families.
  • Encourage current students to bring Christendom brochures home on their breaks to distribute to their schools, groups, or parishes.
  • Other related tasks as they may be assigned by Director of Admissions, Associate Director of Admissions, or VP for Enrollment.


  1. College graduate at B.A. level
  2. Must be knowledgeable about the importance of studying the liberal arts in a Catholic environment
  3. Must be self-motivated and have plenty of initiative and gumption
  4. Experience in making public presentations in sales-related capacity or customer-service experience
  5. Comfortable speaking on the phone and communicating effectively on that medium
  6. Comfortable meeting people with excellent public speaking abilities
  7. Strong verbal and written communication skills
  8. Ability to travel semi-regularly, both locally and nationally
  9. Desire to work for a Catholic apostolate
  10. Friendly, cheerful, and professional disposition

If interested in applying, please email Sam Phillips ( your cover letter and resume by Thursday, April 1.