Hyattsville, MD


Saint Jerome Academy is looking for a school nurse.

Minimum requirements
1. Qualified to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of Maryland or Compact State and holds an unrestricted license.
2. Certified in CPR or BLS (or obtain in the first 6 months)

Archdiocese of Washington recommendations
1. Registered Nurse (RN)
2. Minimum of one (1) year experience in public health nursing, community health nursing, school health nursing or pediatric nursing preferred
3. Delegating Nurse Certification through the Maryland Board of Nursing (provided through the Archdiocese of Washington).

Responsibilities for School Nurse
1. Promotes and protects the optimal health status of school-age children
2. Provides health assessments
3. Obtains a health history
4. Observes the child for development and health patterns in making nursing assessment.
5. Identifies abnormal health findings.
6. Develops and implements a student health plan
7. Interprets the health status of students to parents and school personnel.
8. Initiates referral to parents, school personnel or community health resources for intervention, remediation and follow through.
9. Provides ongoing health counseling with students, parents, school personnel or health agencies.
10. Utilizes existing health resources to provide appropriate care of students.
11. Maintains, evaluates and interprets cumulative health data to accommodate individual needs of students
12. Plans and implements school health management protocols
13. Participates in home visits when indicated to assess the family needs as related to the child’s health.
14. Develops procedures and provides for emergency nursing management for injuries/illnesses
15. Promotes and assists in the control of communicable diseases.
16. Provides health education and anticipatory guidance
17. Provides direct health education, and health counseling to assist students and families in making decisions on health and lifestyles that affect health.
18. Participates in health education directly and indirectly for the improvement of health by teaching persons to become more assertive health consumers and to assume greater responsibility for their own health.
19. Serves as a resource person to the school staff members in health instruction.
20. Coordinates school and community health activities and serves as a liaison health professional between the home, school and community.
21. Engages in research and evaluation of school health services to act as a change agent for school health programs and school nursing practices.
22. Provides consultation in or direct creation of the formation of health policies, goals and objectives for the school district.
23. Where applicable, participates in the CAP or ICEP plan development.
24. Participates in Student Assistance Team meetings and discussions.
25. Audits applicant records for immunization compliance.
26. Maintains compliance of student health records in accordance with the Archdiocese of Washington, the State of Maryland Department of Education and the Office of Child Care.
27. Submits immunization audits to the State of Maryland.
28. Maintains records of audits and notifies families when items are needed.

Demonstrated Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of:
1. Principles and practices underlying professional nursing.
2. Principles and practices underlying the special field of school health.
3. Current trends in nursing and of literature in the fields of school health.
4. Organization and administration of other cooperating agencies.
5. State and local laws relating to health and social issues.

Ability to:
1. Participate cooperatively in a program of school health nursing.
2. Exercise professional judgment in making decisions.
3. Work independently as the only healthcare provider in the building.
4. Act as administrator with limited administrator oversight.
5. Communicate appropriately, collaboratively, and effectively with students, parents, administrators, other school personnel, health care providers, and community agencies.
6. Demonstrate a genuine interest in the student population and its health needs.
7. Organize a health office and manage time.
8. Be a self-starter or self-motivated.
9. Use a computer and various software applications.
10. Create and maintain record keeping systems.
11. Create and maintain student health files.

Working Conditions
1. Frequent interruptions
2. Record keeping required with attention to detail
3. Consistently exposed to communicable disease.

Catholic Identity
1. Catholic in good standing.
2. As Christian institutions committed to the teachings of the Catholic Church, Catholic schools prepare students to respond in faith to Jesus Christ and to understand his message, to view human existence in terms of divinely appointed goals, to follow moral standards of conduct and to achieve integrity of character.
3. As Catholic communities of faith, schools deepen the ties between pastor, priests, faculty, parents and students. Building community in all areas of like, Catholic schools foster a spirit of service to humanity and a feeling of fellowship transcending individual difference.
4. Catholic schools seek primarily to serve all Catholic parents who seek Catholic education for their children.
5. Because the ultimate responsibility for education rests with parents, schools welcome parent participation in policy decisions through formal channels and encourage informal communication at all levels in such matters as personnel, curriculum and finances.
6. Pastors, administrators and teachers cooperate by fulfilling their respective responsibilities toward the school program. All parties together assess effectiveness in relation to the progress and needs of each student.
7. To the community at large, Catholic schools represent a successful educational alternative, striving for academic excellence without sacrificing Catholic values.
8. The development of each individual student is fostered through innovation and effective use of resources.
9. All employees and volunteers are required, as a condition of employment and acceptance of volunteer services, to teach and exemplify the guiding principles set forth above.

Interested candidates should contact Mr. Daniel Flynn directly with their resume and CV.

Mr. Daniel Flynn