US, Ireland, and Australia


Salted Stone is hiring again.  We’re hoping to get some very good people who also have digital marketing experience.  For most of our positions, experience with HubSpot is preferred.

The LinkedIn link below shows 3 of our open entry/mid-level positions in the US.  In addition to these, we’re also actively looking for some good people in Dublin, Ireland and possibly also in Perth or Sydney Australia.

We need GOOD people.  We are hoping to find good people who have great values and/or have been educated in classical-style curriculums (e.g. alumni of TAC, Christendom, etc).

It’s likely that we’ll hire more senior-level people in HR and in marketing this year. If we do, these positions are likely to be more global in nature as we continue to grow in EMEA, South America, and APAC.

If you have experience in copywriting, design, or digital marketing experience that are open to joining a growing global digital marketing firm, please connect with Steve Ambuul on LinkedIn and/or send your resumes. Mention that you are a Christendom graduate.

You can see all available positions and apply online here: