Lansing, MI


Can you identify and tell beautiful stories?  Can you shoot and edit beautiful video content?  Can you write beautiful words? Does it enthuse you to prayerfully ponder deploying that beauty in the service of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church in order to draw all souls closer to God?  If you answered yes to these questions, then consider applying for the Multi-Media Journalist position serving the Diocese of Lansing in Lansing, Michigan.  The position will be open until May 28, 2021.  Please attached your letter of interest and your resume to the online application.

The Key Areas of Responsibility Include:

  • Play a key part in identifying and developing stories for broadcast and print outlets that evangelize a contemporary culture.
  • Shoot and edit video, often in the field, using state-of-the-art digital video equipment, often working alone.
  • Write news stories and other relevant content for diocesan digital and print platforms.
  • Help produce regular video and audio podcasts.
  • Play a full part in departmental discussions pertaining to media and public relations as part of the diocesan communications team.
  • Promote stories using social media platforms.
  • Effectively serve as a public ambassador for the Bishop of Lansing.

The Requirements for the Position Include:


Associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in digital media, videography, journalism, or a similar field preferred but not essential.


At least two years of experience in writing for print and broadcast outlets; experience in shooting and editing video including good technical skills relating to video and audio production.


Must be a Catholic who enjoys bringing the joy of the faith into the public square.  Position requires some travel around the diocese; must have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.  Must be a creative thinker.  Must be able to see a project from start to finish in a timely manner.  Must be able to work well with others on the communications team.

Physical Demands:

While performing duties, employee must be able to load/unload video production equipment on his/her own.  Employee must be able to sit, stand, squat, and kneel as part of shooting video.  Position generally works Monday – Friday, with occasional weekend work to cover various events as needed.

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