Washington, DC area. Remote work is possible.


Koin connects local Catholics, platonically and romantically, i.e. a dating app, but also for friends. We just pivoted and have raised another round to hire a small, ambitious team to build and grow
the Beta. The product roadmap is fairly clear. Our mission is to help create more friendships and relationships within the Church. See our product here: meetkoin.com.

Duties and Responsibilities
● Full stack software development across both web and mobile
● Proficiency in Javascript, React Native and Apollo GraphQL for frontend development
● Proficiency in Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL
● Familiarity with deploying on AWS and Heroku
● Familiarity with data tracking tools like Segment and Amplitude
● Familiarity with the challenges posed by scaling

Minimum Qualifications
● Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or related field

Ideal Qualifications
● Clear top-performer in smarts, goodness, and grit
● Entrepreneurial, problem-solver, strong initiative, self-sufficient, driver
* Candidates need not be Catholic. Technical proficiency and mission-alignment matter most.

Working at Koin
● Location: Headquartered in the Washington, DC area. Remote work is possible.
● Culture: ambitious, fast-paced, results-oriented, direct, agile
● Exciting technical challenges: (1) scaling up API, (2) collaborate on a robust dating
algorithm using complicated SQL queries, (3) ensuring support for different
cities/geographic regions
Compensation and Benefits
● $80,000 – $120,000
● 2.5% equity
● Health, dental, and vision insurance

How to Apply
Submit a resume (with LinkedIn) and project portfolio (links are fine) to careers@meetkoin.com.