Reston, Virginia

Media Research Center, Reston, VA

Biased, agenda-driven news and information are misleading people and driving division in the United States. The Media Research Center (MRC), a conservative nonprofit, has been studying and documenting media bias in newscasts since 1987 and works diligently to provide reliable, fact-driven information about the media because the American people deserve to be told the truth. In addition, the MRC is leading the fight to expose tech firm activities that suppress speech and lead a movement to force tech firms to uphold the principles of free speech.

The MRC fights media bias and social media censorship through our News Analysis Division, including NewsBusters, MRC Latino, MRC Business, and MRC Culture; an online news source,; video commentary and analysis at; and a comprehensive program to fight online censorship, Free Speech America. Our work is bolstered by a powerful marketing apparatus that generated over 449.6 million impressions each week in 2020.

Multiple Job Opportunities

  1. Staff Writer/Researcher for MRC Business
  2. Assistant Editor for MRC Free Speech
  3. Staff Writer/Researcher for MRC Free Speech
  4. A Newsletter Writer/Editor for MRC Free Speech

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