Kansas City, KS

(Full Time)

Archdiocese of Chicago, Kansas City, KS

Job Description:


  • Cultivate a positive work environment by clearly establishing organizational goals and employee performance standards, modeling integrity, fairness and commitment to City on a Hill employees and stakeholders.

  • Lead “Core Team” of young adult volunteers who spearhead our organizational divisions, namely: Sisterhood, Band of Brothers, Catholic Challenge Sports, Large Events, DatingFast, and the “Small Get-Together” Leads. Monthly communication, more frequent as needed, will be required to guide and assess resource needs, making each apostolate as fruitful as possible. The Executive Director will work with the City on a Hill chaplains to ensure necessary resources are available for continued formation.

  • Initiate alliances within the greater Catholic community: Dioceses of Kansas City Saint Joseph and Kansas City, Kansas (KCSJ/KCK), Diocesan Priests (KCSJ/KCK), Pastors and Parishes (KCSJ/KCK), as well as various social and philanthropic Catholic metro organizations who may serve our target market or support City on a Hill initiatives.

  • Identify alliance opportunities with Kansas City businesses, both non-profit and corporate.

  • Establish relationships with Kansas City media to promote the mission and events of City on a Hill, serving as chief spokesperson for the organization.

  • Establish relationships with regional Catholic college ministries and Catholic colleges, to share exciting developments within City on a Hill and the Kansas City metro.

  • Serve as primary intermediary between City on a Hill staff and the Board of Directors at quarterly regular sessions, and any subsequent special session meetings. Update Board on organization’s progress toward stated goals, problems/opportunities that arise on which the Board may need to deliberate, and the measurable impact of our programs on the community we serve.

  • With the assistance of the Board of Directors Chair and Officers, identify talents and potential networks within the Board to fully engage individual board members, optimizing their governance and committees. Collaborate to identify and recruit volunteers to fill Board and committee vacancies.

  • Representing both City on a Hill staff and the Board of Directors, report organizational initiatives and accomplishments annually to the Bishop of Kansas City – Saint Joseph and the Archbishop of Kansas City, Kansas.

Strategic Direction:

  • Create and incrementally implement a long-term strategic plan that honors the City on a Hill mission statement and addresses the unique needs of our target market.

  • Cultivate alliances essential to strategy.

  • Develop appropriate staff structure to successfully implement strategy.

  • Allocate and marshal financial, human, tech, and educational resources to achieve strategic success: ROI analysis, contract negotiation, investing in alliance and stakeholder relationships, empowering staff and Core Team to meet their strategic objectives.

Staff Development:

  • Hire, develop and deploy employees to serve the mission and strategy of City on a Hill.

  • Implement annual staff evaluations.

  • Oversee the recruitment of personnel, as well as negotiate professional and vendor contracts.

  • Identify staff charisms and talents for future growth opportunities.

  • Monitor and advocate for competitive and rewarding compensation programs for City on a Hill staff.

Organizational Oversight and Execution:

  • Determine organizational standards in budgeting, resource approval, reporting, measuring, controls, and policy necessary for running a successful 501c3.

  • Adapt, as necessary, organization design, staffing and coordination to meet dynamic growth needs.

  • Within the framework of the long-term strategic plan, develop annual goals for staff based on a general understanding of day-to-day operations, cross-functional staff responsibilities and commitments with stakeholders and allies.

  • Maintain clear financial records and work closely with Board of Directors Treasurer and contracted professionals to ensure appropriate and timely reporting.

  • Attend key City on a Hill events to: observe the operational structure in action, meet and listen to stakeholders, model leadership and commitment, analyze potential areas of improvement.


  • Fundraise a portion of your salary, modeling to all new hires an effective “God Ask” skillset.

  • Set specific, measurable, annual goals to generate income for the organization.

  • Hire and collaborate with a Development Director to implement fundraising opportunities for City on a Hill that reinforce our Catholic community, cultivate deeper relationships with organizational donors, analyze initiatives within the long-term strategic plan that may be of interest to new potential donor sources.

  • Hire and Collaborate with a Communications/Marketing Director to share City on a Hill updates and success stories with all organization and staff donors.


  • Humble Catholic with intense zeal for the Gospel and a robust and consistent prayer life

  • Inspirational, effective leader

  • Strategic thinker capable of developing and implementing incremental, achievable goals

  • Strong communicator; interpersonal and digital

  • Relationship builder able to initiate and cultivate professional alliances, as well as establish fruitful partnerships with the Board of Directors,  Core Team, City on a Hill staff, Chaplains, the Bishop, Archbishop, Pastors and Parishes

  • Track record of effective decision-making


  • Bachelor’s Degree, Masters preferred

  • Experience in area of evangelization, mission work or discipleship

  • 501c3 experience

  • 5-years of experience in senior management/administration

  • Strategic planning/implementation

  • Hiring and staff development

  • Fundraising experience

  • Proficient in basic office programs (Google Suite, Microsoft Office)

  • Knowledge of CRM preferred

To apply by October 10, email the following to staff@kansascityonahill.org:

  • Detailed Resume

  • References