Charlotte, NC

(Full Time)

**Office seeking to Hire Christendom Alumni**

Position Summary:
The Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina (the “CSO”) seeks a faithful and dynamic leader with a passion for Catholic education and evangelization to inaugurate the position of Director of Catholic Culture and Identity. The Director of Catholic Culture and Identity will work with the leadership of the CSO to lead the schools in the Diocese into a new era of Catholic education.

The Director of Catholic Culture and Identity will oversee, design and implement initiatives to cultivate a robustly Catholic culture in all schools centered on the spiritual, intellectual, and sacramental, and liturgical life of the Catholic Church. This position will help Catholic elementary and high schools in the Diocese strengthen their Catholic identity, character, and mission by also assessing the extent to which these schools are fulfilling their Catholic mission in their core activities and in the resources being used in the schools, and recommending opportunities for growth to the superintendent.

The CSO seeks to identify an evangelizing Catholic leader with a passion for Catholic education and the teachings of the Church. The Director of Catholic Culture and Identity must also be able to work collaboratively with the Office of Faith Formation and Catechesis.

Because the Director of Catholic Culture and Identity will work closely with pastors, principals, and teachers, experience in Catholic school teaching or leadership is desirable.

Essential Functions:

  • Assist school leaders in leading, implementing, and assessing initiatives that help our schools cultivate a robustly Catholic Culture centered on the spiritual, intellectual, sacramental, and liturgical life of the church.
  • Champion the formation of young Catholics to love and live the inspired Word of God in a deep and vibrant prayer life that sets the foundation for future Catholic saints in all walks of life.
  • Lead the formation and integration of Catholic Standards for the schools, implementation of Religion curriculum, and supplemental resources (e.g. Theology of the Body).
  • Lead the formation, integration and evaluation of the Catholic Immersion Initiative.
  • Create and evaluate the Seminarian internship program.
  • Assist the Office of Faith formation contact and Assistant Superintendent in the rollout and evaluation of the Education in Virtue program across the schools.
  • ACRE and Catholic Assessment oversight.
  • Work with the pastors, campus ministers, and lead theology points of contact on each campus to champion and evaluate the ministry plans at each school.
  • Assist in the integration of Catholic Book Fairs, and assist in ensuring that books and resources across the Diocese are aligned with Catholic Church teachings.
  • Champion and promote school assembly topics from a Catholic perspective (vaping, drunk driving, etc).
  • Explore the opportunity to create Spiritual Community households for new teachers.
  • Liaison with Family Life office to implement pro-life initiatives across 19 schools.
  • Champion vocation development and vocation days at high schools (bringing in religious, clergy and lay people) by coordinating with, supporting and empowering campus ministers, principals and chaplains.
  • Champion age-appropriate Catholic Apologetics designed to develop in our students the ability to articulate their Catholic faith and to prepare them to be courageous public square Catholics.
  • Develop strategies to inspire and evangelize the alumni and parents of our schools so that their Catholic faith can be enriched.
  • In coordination with pastors and the Office of Faith Formation and Catechesis, develop strategies and best practices to significantly increase the participation of Catholic school families at weekly Mass. Assist pastors and principals in creating a vibrant Eucharistic evangelization, catechesis, and culture in each school.

Other Responsibilities:
Assists other staff members as needed;
Part of the core strategy team for the Catholic Schools Office—assisting with visioning, problem solving and helping our school leaders live out their mission.

Education/Experience and Skills Desired:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Education, Theology, or a related field.
  • Classroom experience teaching in Catholic schools preferred.
  • Strong Catholic faith and practice; ability to articulate this in a range of contexts.
  • A charism and developed talent for communicating in a compelling way the teachings of the Catholic Church in a way that inspires, motivates, and leads all constituencies.
  • Understanding of the role of Catholic education in the mission of the Church.
  • Willingness to challenge the status quo and embrace change to create a vibrant Catholic culture in every school.
  • Background and interest in religious education and faith formation of students. A strong background in pastoral theology and apologetics is desirable.
  • Experience in the design and implementation of a rigorous curriculum of Catholic religious education.
  • Interest in promoting workshops, retreats, prayer experiences, and service projects
  • Familiarity with the culture and traditions of the Catholic Church.
  • Able to articulate and communicate the content of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

For more information or to apply, please reach out to 

Gregory P. Monroe, Ph.D.
Catholic Schools
Diocese of Charlotte
(704) 370-3265 (office)