Templeton, MA


**Alumnus Employer seeking Christendom Alumni**

Several families in rural north-central Massachusetts have banded together the last two years to create a home-school/private tutor hybrid. All students are considered home schooled students by the state.  The curriculum is Mother of Divine Grace (MODG), which outlines the entire school year. The tutor works with each child according to the syllabus for each course for 3 days a week, and the parents of that child for 2 days a week, or as needed. The idea borrows from the one-room schoolhouse concept – there are several grade levels, all elementary school children, all learning together, each at their own level, often overlapping.  We expect 6-12 children for the coming school year.

Each family handles registration for their own students as home schooled with the local superintendent of schools, as required by law.  Parents are responsible for any other standardized tests or any other required materials for the state or local authorities.  Parents are responsible for providing all textbooks, workbooks, and materials, as outlined in the MODG syllabi.

The setting is in the countryside on a working farm in classic small town New England.  There is a vibrant community around and many social and professional opportunities.  Boston is 75 mins. East, and New York City is 4 hours to the Southwest, both accessible by train.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Practicing Catholic
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Experience being responsible for children
  • Ability to engage with but maintain authority over several active boys
  • Disciplined self-mover
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Driver’s license and personal vehicle

Desired knowledge/experience/skills:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts or Classics
  • Experience teaching in a primary school or homeschool environment


$2,000 per student for the school year. Each family deals directly with the tutor on payment plan. These are private families paying fee for service, so no 1099 will be provided. The successful candidate is responsible for all tax withholding/payments and any insurances they feel they need.

Room & board is a possibility with one or another of the families in lieu of tutor fees and/or in exchange for extra-curricular childcare, farm help, and/or house help.

The successful candidate will be responsible for filling out the rest of their own work schedule/financial needs.  There are ample opportunities in the region for additional work as desired.

If interested, please provide cover letter, resume, and 3 references to Christof Chartier at breezyacres282@gmail.com.  May not respond to all applicants.