Dear family and friends of Pat and Sue,

As you all know, baby Aine (On-ya) was born on March 24th at Prince William Hospital. She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and needed immediate life support due to pulmonary hypertension. Aine was transferred to Fairfax Hospital in order to receive a higher level of care.  Since birth she has endured many, many procedures but is a strong and vibrant little girl who put up quite a fight! 

Despite all of the touch-and-go moments, Aine was finally discharged from the hospital after 38 long days.  She continues to receive specialized care at home, surrounded by her loving and doting parents and six brothers and sisters.

Because of Aine’s time in the PICU, and the care she’ll need going forward, there is substantial cost involved. Pat and Sue have humbly asked for help to ease the financial burden of having a high needs baby with an unknown road ahead.

Please consider donating and helping this well-deserving and beloved family in our community! Any amount will be enormously appreciated. Feel free to share far and wide!

If you are interested in giving or for more information, follow this link HERE