Adopt-A-Parish: Arlington Diocese

Help Recruit the Next Generation of Crusaders!

Christendom College is generally very attractive to priests and those who take their Faith seriously.  Since parish priests are very busy men, it would greatly aid the Admissions Office if you, as their parishioner, approached them about promoting Christendom to their parish community, and assisted the Admissions Office in helping to get news and information about the College into your church community.

[tabby title=”Choose”]Select a local parish(es) — start with your own.[tabby title=”Contact”]Contact the Pastor and establish a connection.

  • Determine whether the pastor is receptive to promoting Christendom within his parish.
  • If the pastor is receptive to the idea, then you become the point of contact between Christendom and the parish—maybe talk to him after Mass or set up a meeting with him to see how you can work to promote the college.
  • Relay specific information about the parish and pastor back to the Associate Director of Admissions (ADA) – serve as mediator/liaison.

[tabby title=”Communicate”]

Ask for permission to place information about Christendom (brochures, posters, magazines) in the back of the church.

  • Contact the ADA to request more materials when necessary

[tabby title=”Coordinate”]

  • Arrange to have announcements about upcoming events (open houses, summer programs, graduate school) inserted into the parish bulletin; or put up poster in back of the Church.
  • Contact the ADA to request more materials when necessary.
  • Bi-annually set up a Christendom information table at the back of church/outside (with permission from pastor).
  • Plan a “Coffee and Doughnuts with Christendom” Sunday.  After the main Mass, host a get-together with coffee and doughnuts provided by Christendom and show a Christendom Admissions video and give small personal testimony.



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