Meet Your Class Representatives!

All tasks assigned to CCAAC Class Representatives are completely voluntary and we thank them for their support.

Class Representative Class Facebook Page
1980-85 Doug Briggs
1981 Linda Laudiero
1983 Fr. Ed Murphy
1985 Gerry Zapiain
1986 Laura (Hibl) Clark  Link
1987 Laura (Smith) Gossin, Maryellen (Reninger) York  Link
1988 Looking for Volunteers
1989 Looking for Volunteers
1990 Tom McFadden  Link
1991 Kathleen (Moriarty) Williams
1992 Mary (Higby) Patryn, Mary Beth (Harrigan) Ellis  Link
1993 Andrew Youngblood, MaryAnn (Hester) Gaffney
1994 Ellen (Storey) Kelly  Link
1995 Catherine Malo  Link
1996 Giovanna (Greco) Hudson  Link
1997 Margaret Luckey, Jim Clark  Link
1998 Mary (McFadden) Brand, Andrew Cole  Link
1999 Bevlin (Cleveland) Lyons, Elizabeth (Higby) Kelly  Link
2000 Sarah Akers
2001 Leah (Slinger) Halisky, Andrew Antonio  Link
2002 Kate (McMahon) Leonard  Link
2003 Bethany Sargis  Link
2004 Mary (Wise) Brehm  Link
2005 Anne (Wolpert) Jansen, Katherine (Quest) Wood  Link
2006 Trena Pilegaard
2007 Laurel (Munsil) Muff, Monica Ferri  Link
2008 Kathleen (McKinnon) Willard  Link
2009 Maura McMahon  Link
2010 Steve Ginski  Link
2011 Catherine Briggs, Mary (Harrington) Norris  Link
2012 Leah (Merrill) Readings, Theresa King  Link
2013 Emiko Hill, Charles Rollino, Colleen Harmon  Link
2014 Maria Cintorino, Zach Smith  Link
2015 Mark Turner  Link
2016 Kayla Newcomb  Link
2017 Angela (Townsend) Hepler, Monica Burke  Link
2018 Bridget Gaffney, Chloe (Herrmann) Quigley, William Skuba Link
2019 Henry Love, Thomas Ward, Trey Dusseault, Johanna Burke, Helena Briggs
2020 Colette Hazinski, Josh Mead

If you want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a CCAAC Class Representative or want to nominate a class representative for your year or to become one yourself, please contact Karla Hester.