Current Projects

Current Council Priorities/Committees

Alumni Data Collection Initiative

Having solid alumni data helps to support all of the future projects of the Alumni Council. The Alumni Data Collection Initiative was started in an effort to have personal alumnus to alumnus contact to announce the the establishment of the Alumni Council and, more importantly, to ensure we have current contact information, discuss what each alumnus would like to see as priorities of the council and determine how/if each alumnus would like to be involved in some way. A follow up to each of these phone calls is the completion of an online alumni survey, which will provide the essential information needed by the Alumni Council to thoroughly understand the needs of the alumni. Survey link: We are looking for additional alumni volunteer callers.  If you like reconnecting with alumni from your area and have time to make a few calls, please contact Karla Hester (

Chairs: Walter Janaro ’83 & Karla (Kuykendall) Hester ‘99

Alumni Summer “Grill’n & Chill’n'” Tour

A small group of the Alumni Council will be visiting major cities in the United States and Canada in June and July to host alumni family gatherings for all alumni in the regions. This effort is meant to introduce alumni from all eras to each other in each region, allow alumni networking opportunities and discuss ideas for future alumni council projects. We are looking for host families in a variety of cities so check out the tour schedule to see if we will be coming near your home and if you would like to host please contact Karla Hester (

Chairs: Nancy (Lee) Bauer ‘96 and Karla (Kuykendall) Hester ‘99

Alumni Communication and Career Development Portal

The establishment of an alumni portal is key to ensuring alumni can get the necessary information they need on a self-service basis. The portal will be a dedicated site exclusively set up for Christendom alumni. The portal will offer a wide range of e-services, including alumni directory, career networking opportunities, job postings, event calendar/registration, volunteer opportunities, prayer requests, transcript requests, social media feeds and much more.  We are looking for alumni who have experience with software development/coding that are willing to donate some of their time toward this development. If you would like to help please contact Karla Hester (

Chairs: Sean Garvey ‘93 & Karla (Kuykendall) Hester ‘99

Homecoming Planning

This alumni committee helps to support the Christendom College Alumni Relations Office in the planning of the annual Homecoming program. The vision is to unite our fellow alumni by organizing a weekend of events which encourage alumni to return to the Christendom campus to remember the past, celebrate the present and look forward to the future of Christendom. Homecoming is a huge event to put on each year and our college liaison, Vince Criste, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, can always use some help in the planning and execution of the weekend events. Please contact Vince ( if you are able to help in this way.

Contact: Vince Criste ‘98

Annual Alumni Giving Day

An annual alumni Giving Day is being established as a means for alumni to give back to what made, or makes, the Christendom experience so great. It is a 24-hour online fundraising event during which alumni can give to specific areas of the college and support the Alumni Scholarship Fund.  Giving Day is a very exciting and fun event which is executed all over the country, so it is the perfect opportunity for those specifically looking to get involved from home. We can use help from alumni all over the country. If you are able to help please contact Karla Hester (

Contact: Karla (Kuykendall) Hester ‘99