Honoring Fr. Seamus O’Kielty

Motivated by the tremendous impact Fr. O’Kielty has had on our lives, a group of alumni has come together to start a fund to dedicate the sacristy in the new Christ the King Chapel in honor of Fr. O’Kielty. Please join in this effort to honor the memory of this man who we love so deeply.

In lieu of flowers, Fr. O’Kielty asked that gifts be made in support of Christendom College and her mission.

On behalf of the Christendom College family we invite you to consider supporting a special project honoring Fr. O’Kielty in our new Christ the King Chapel.

On January 2017, fellow alumni and close friends of Fr. Seamus O’Kielty, Ken Furlong, class of 2005, and his wife Alaina Wozniak Furlong, class of 2004, expressed a desire to anonymously honor this faithful priest who had blessed their lives and family in so many ways.  They identified other alumni who had also expressed interest in honoring Fr. O’Kielty in this special way.

Prompted by this request, a member of the college staff visited with Fr. O’Kielty on February 3, 2017 to relay this intention.  When Fr. O’Kielty heard that alumni wanted to honor him with a dedication gift in the Christ the King Chapel, Father was immediately moved to the point of tears and silence.  As he emotionally caught himself, he quickly regained his composure and said with great gusto, “St. Collumcille!  I want to honor St. Columcille as I share his feast day for my birthday, you know.”  Father then paused and also said, with a deep sigh, “we also need a great sacristy as the current one is so very inadequate; a priest needs a worthy sacristy to prepare.”

On behalf of the Furlong family and other alumni and dear friends of Fr. Seamus O’Kielty, we invite you to join us in making a gift to the Sacristy in the new Christ the King Chapel, which will honor the memory, life, love, and faithfulness of Fr. Seamus O’Kielty and his legacy.  On behalf of Fr. O’Kielty and whole Christendom College community, thank you for being a part of this very special memorial gift!

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