Legacy Admissions

Christendom College currently has approximately 400 students in its undergraduate program, and, upon completion of the building of its master plan over the next 10-25 years, will enroll 450-500 students.

hot-college-majorsIn recent years, the number of legacy students, that is, students who have at least one parent who matriculated for a minimum of one semester at Christendom College, has increased. The College very much enjoys receiving applications from legacy students and would like to be able to accept all of them into its undergraduate program. However, the College’s Admissions Committee has certain standards which are to be met by all applicants, legacy or otherwise, and it is important to understand these standards as you learm more about applying to and attending Christendom College.

All applicants to Christendom College undergo the same highly competitive review process. If the Admissions Office finds an application compelling, the alumni connection could represent an additional point of interest about the candidate. The alumni affiliation, however, cannot serve to counterbalance weaknesses or shortcomings in an application. Admitted children or grandchildren of alumni have the same level of academic and extracurricular achievement as other admitted students. If there is any “advantage” in having an alumni connection, it is the opportunity that the student has had over his or her lifetime to hear firsthand what makes Christendom such a unique educational institution. Anecdotes and advice offered by alumni in the family, along with the information available in print and online, may help a student to more clearly articulate his or her personal fit with Christendom.

Things you can do to help your son/daughter prepare to possibly attend Christendom:

  • At the beginning of Junior year of high school, sign your son/daughter up with the Admissions Office so that they may receive mailings/emails from the Admissions Office.
  • At the beginning or midway through Junior Year, have your son/daughter take the SAT or ACT for the first time. Christendom awards academic scholarships to incoming students based on the results of these standardized tests. The higher score a student receives, the better chance they have of receiving more scholarship money.
  • Schedule a visit to the campus. Much has changed over the years and it is important for your son/daughter to see the campus for his/herself and to make it their own.
  • Register your son/daughter for one of our Experience Christendom Summer Programs during the summer following their Junior year. During these programs, students get a real feel for campus life, which, in turn, gets them excited to join the Christendom family following graduation from high school.
  • During first semester of Senior year, have your son/daughter retake the SAT or ACT to increase scores to achieve highest possible scores for academic scholarship. Christendom takes the best of each of the three sections of the SAT and adds them together for a “super score.” The College only accepts the best one-time sitting of the ACT.
  • Schedule an overnight or weekend visit for your son/daughter.
  • At the beginning of Senior year, fill in the Financial Aid Form and send it in to our Financial Aid Office to determine whether you qualify for loans and grants.