St. Pius X Award Nomination Form

During Homecoming, the Alumni Office will recognize an alumnus/alumna of Christendom College who, through the benefit of his or her Christendom education, has contributed to the Christian renovation of the temporal order as a faithful, informed, and articulate member of Christ’s Church and society.  He or she has been a part of building that society, however small, in which Christ does truly reign.  He or she does not settle or hide because he or she has a message to bring to the world.

Although it would be ideal, the alumnus or alumna does not need to be present at Homecoming in order to be nominated and/or accept this award.

If you know of an alumnus or alumna who has, in their sphere of influence, dedicated their time, talent, and/or treasure to “restore all things in Christ”, please nominate them below.


2020 St. Pius X Award Winner

Dr. Brendan J. McGuire

Christendom’s Pius X Award honors alumni who have truly embodied the mission of the College to “restore all things in Christ.”  The Alumni Advisory Council proudly bestows this award on the late Dr. Brendan McGuire, a member of the class of 2003 and a beloved Associate Professor for the College.  

The Alumni Advisory Council, earlier this year, requested nominations from alumni for this award. By September, the decision was clear; Dr. Brendan McGuire was the overwhelming response because of his work in academia, in our broader community, and most especially for his heroic personal example of the life of Christ. Here are some of the things that alumni said about Dr. McGuire.

Brendan was a “Legend of a man,” both academically and personally. He was“Valedictorian of his class” and had always been “A lover of learning, having harmony of faith and life.” He greatly impacted the academics of Christendom. As one alumnus says, His “Dedication to academia has developed the College and made it a better place for future alumni.” He was a “Beloved teacher” who gave personal “Aid to students to move to professional positions and academia.” Brendan’s “Formidable intellect” and “Commitment to excellence” made him “Successful in professional endeavors” and the perfect “Proponent of liberal arts.”

Beyond this academic and professional success stood a man of “Unshakeable faith” and “Outstanding humility” with a deep “Personal devotion to Jesus.” He was a heroic“Defender of personal virtue” who would “MC at sporting events” and be the best“Bagpiper on St. Patrick’s Day.”

This is the Brendan McGuire that inspired us all! As another alumnus says, “His cheerfulness in the midst of extraordinary suffering has lent credibility to the Christian life and to God’s providence.” Brendan exemplified great “Manliness in courage” and “Fortitude through trials” as he continued to live for others while fighting his own battles. Brendan’s “Sympathetic ear” and “sense of humor” were always there to comfort others.

He was an “Example of Christian virtue to [the] broader community” who“Demonstrate[d] [the] virtue of abandonment to Divine Providence during his long battle with cancer.” We have all been touched by his work and his example. Brendan lived his life “Fulfilling Dr. Carroll’s belief that “One man can make a difference.”

For his devotion to Christendom and its mission, for his outstanding Catholic example, the Alumni Advisory Council is honored to bestow the 2020 Pius X Award to late Dr. Brendan John Augustine McGuire.  May he rest in peace.


2019 St. Pius X Award Winner

Fr. Francis Peffley

The St. Pius X Award honors alumni who have truly taken on the mission of the College to “restore all things in Christ.”  The Alumni Advisory Council proudly presents this year’s award to Fr. Francis Peffley, a member of the class of 1986 and a priest of the Arlington diocese.  

The Legion of Mary has played a great role in the formation and mission of Fr. Peffley. His parents met through the Legion, which Father himself joined at age ten. The example and inspiration of his family encouraged Father in pursuing a vocation. After graduating from Christendom with a B.A. in Theology, Fr. Peffley attended Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, where he earned his Master of Divinity and Master of Arts before being ordained on May 19, 1990. Father will be celebrating his 30th anniversary this May.  

Throughout his decades of service to the Arlington diocese, Fr. Peffley has been involved in the in the construction of five new parishes in the Arlington diocese.  Furthermore, he has helped spread devotion to Our Blessed Mother Mary through his involvement with the Legion of Mary, and he now serves as Spiritual Director of the Arlington Regia. In addition to his involvement in the Legion, Father Peffley has written two books–Inside the Legion of Mary and The Priest and the Legion of Mary—as well as numerous articles for the Homiletic and Pastoral Review, Queen of All Hearts Magazine, Maria Legionis magazine, Lay Witness, and the Arlington Catholic Herald. On his website, Father offers over two hundred audio recordings and other resources on spirituality, the saints, apologetics, evangelization and the family. His Sunday and weekday homilies and retreat talks appear online and are listened to worldwide.  

Father is now stationed at St Mary of Sorrows in Fairfax, Virginia, where he serves as parochial vicar and stays active with the parish young adult ministry, pilgrimages, Catholic apologetics, evangelization, and retreat work.

Fr. Peffley was sorry that he could not join us today, as he is out-of-state giving a retreat to a group of deacons.  In accepting the award, Fr. Peffley expressed how his education at Christendom has been an incredible blessing in his work of “restoring all things in Christ.” 

For his devotion to the Church and the mission of the College, the Alumni Advisory Council is honored to present the 2019 St. Pius X Award to Fr. Francis Peffley.