8/30/2021 — Prayers for Allison Dunphy

Mrs. Allison Dunphy, mother of Ben ’19 and Thomas ’22, is on a ventilator with COVID triggered pneumonia, while she is doing better, she has a fair ways to go still in recovery.

8/30/2021 — Prayers for Brian “Kief” Kieffer

Lt. Col. Leo Moore ’05,  asks for prayers for a colleague Brian “Kief” Kieffer, a retired Lieutenant Colonel A-10 pilot suffering from COVID and is on a ventilator but showing signs of improvement.

8/30/2021 — Prayers for Sean Kay

Sean Kay ’97 was recently diagnosed with Acute amyloid leukemia. Sean has been in the hospital for the last month and is not doing well.

7/26/2021 — Prayers for Jorge Arango: Update

Hello all, Thank you very much for all your prayers for my father! His condition began to rapidly deteriorate, and he was put on life support for a couple of weeks as a result. He has since stabilized and improved enough to be taken off life support but is still on a...

3/29/2021 — Prayers for Jorge Arango

Hello all, Please pray for my dad, Jorge Arango. He was recently hospitalized because of Covid. He has suffered some lung damage from the virus and has had a lot of trouble breathing. Today, he took a serious turn for the worse and had to be put on a ventilator...