Prayer Requests

6/13/18 — Prayer request for Joey Piroch

Joey Piroch, the younger brother of rising sophomore Theresa Piroch, has
been diagnosed with aplastic anemia (bone marrow failure).

His bone marrow is not doing what it should and for now he is on blood
infusions but that is not a long term solution.

Right now, they do not have much information but are requesting prayers!

Please keep Joey and the entire Piroch family in your prayers.

If you would like to help the family financially, you can read more and
make a donation at:

5/31/18 — First Friday & Classmates Request

Dear Alumni,

Tomorrow is the First Friday of June therefore the 8:30am Mass is being
offered for you!

Also - Please submit all classmates updates for the Instaurare by NEXT
FRIDAY June 8th!

What types of info?

Dates and photos of your recent engagement, wedding, temporary and final
religious professions, deaconate or priestly ordinations.

Photos of new babies, updated family photos, photos from some great
vacation, photos of you in front of your new home/car.

Career updates, new jobs or promotions, additional licenses, certificates
or degrees earned.


God bless,


5/16/18 — NOVENA for IRELAND

The Alumni Office received the request below late yesterday to join in an
international prayer novena for Ireland.
Please participate if you can.  See details below.
God bless,


Dear Friends --

Many of you have asked what you can do to help Ireland. The best thing everyone can
do at the moment is PRAY. Tomorrow we are nine days away from the historic vote -
where the people of Ireland will decide whether or not to uphold the Constitutional
protection for the unborn child from conception / the 8th Amendment.

Please join me in praying THIS NOVENA to Our Lady of Knock! We pray that the Irish
people will vote to uphold the dignity of every human life from conception and that
Ireland will continue to be a beacon of hope to the world. Ireland is one of the
last remaining countries without abortion-on-demand and now the people are being
given a vote on whether or not to legalize abortion.

Ireland's 8th Amendment has saved the lives of over 100,000 Irish children, and we
hope that it will be upheld on the 25th of May - so that many more lives will be
saved by this constitutional amendment.

We have nine days left, and we are winning. By the grace of God and the prayers and
sacrifices of incredible people like you -- life will win on the 25th of May. But,
what we need now, more than ever, is PRAYERS. Everything is stacked against us...
the politicians are pushing for a YES vote, the media is pushing for a YES vote,
Google is silencing debate and discussion, thousands of our posters have been torn
down, and now the Irish postal service won't mail our leaflets -- after just
delivering the YES leaflets two days ago. On all accounts, we should be losing - but
God is pouring out the blessings and we are continuing to fight harder and more
tirelessly than the day before. We have thousands of people going door-to-door
canvassing every night, others are putting up posters, others are leafletting in
town squares and sports events and concerts. The more the Irish people find out
about the legislation, the more they are against it. WE ARE WINNING, but we need
prayers and the people of Ireland need your prayers.

The gracious folks at<> have agreed to
put on a SPECIAL novena for the unborn of Ireland -- which begins TOMORROW (or
today, if you're in Ireland ;-). The novena starts May 16th and I would be so
grateful if you would join us in prayer. You can sign up for the novena emails here:
(if you are already signed up to their list, you still need to sign up separately
for this particular novena).

There is not much that those who are far away can do physically to help in this
critical campaign. But everyone can pray, and prayer is a powerful tool that is
deeply needed in the countdown to this vote. Please consider joining this novena and
please keep everyone over here in your prayers!

Thanks so much and God bless,


PLEASE PASS THIS NOVENA ON and encourage everyone you know to join us in prayer!

P.S. Most of you know by now, but I'm currently in Ireland working with the Irish
pro-life movement on this referendum.
You can follow the campaign here:

Kate Bryan

3/26/18 Request for Prayers for Bob Hambleton (’81)

Dear Alumni,

See email below from alumnus and current Assistant Chaplain Fr. Mark Wenzinger.




Dear Members of the Christendom Community,

I would like to make a very personal request for your prayers for the health and well-being of my friend and fellow Christendom graduate (’81), Bob Hambleton, who is currently in the hospital after having a number of health challenges. Rosaries, DM chaplets, Masses, Holy Hours are all requested. Bob and his dear wife Amy (Francis) [’83] are, of course, dedicated alums and the parents of many other alums. Bob enrolled in 1977 in the college’s very first year. Amy arrived at the college in 1979 when the college first relocated to Front Royal. They both are dedicated Catholics, parents, and spouses, who have given back so much to God , the Church, and the college. I know I will be offering 5 decades of the rosary after I finish this email! I ask you to do the same, and to share this request farther afield.

Many thanks,

Fr Mark Wenzinger

Assistant Chaplain

3/19/18 Fr. Mark Pilon, RIP


Thank you for praying for Fr. Mark Pilon specifically within the St. Joseph Novena..  (See update below.)

Your prayers for him over the last nine days surely assisted him in his final agony and brought him to the glory of today’s Solemnity.

I know of several prayers that have been answered during this novena … including Fr. Pilon and an alumni family that was out of work for some time.  Today, they got a good job that will meet their needs!

Do you know of answered prayers?  Share them with me if you can.

God bless and St. Joseph pray for us!



Fr. Mark Pilon passed away peacefully around 5:15 pm today on the Feast of St. Joseph, Patron of a Happy Death.

We will post funeral arrangements as they are available. Thank you for all the prayers and support over the past few weeks.

Mr. Stephen P. Pilon, MSLS

Associate Librarian | Christendom College

134 Christendom Drive | Front Royal, Virginia 22630 |

o: 540-551-9194 | c: 540-660-9628 | f: 540-636-6569

3/10/18 Spiritual Bouquet for Fr. Mark Pilon

Dear Fellow Alumni,

I have had many inquiries about my uncle, Fr. Mark Pilon. He is in the end stages of cancer, and preparing for his death.

Uncle Mark is too tired to receive visitors or take calls, but I have a set up a spiritual bouquet for him. It also includes some info about his life and a link to his blog, where he posted sermons and meditations for several years.

Feel free to share the link to the spiritual bouquet with those who would also like to pray for him.

I will post more info as things progress.

I also want to thank everyone who has prayed for me as I care for him. I now know what it means to feel the grace of God at work in me. There are times when I physically feel the grace lifting me up.

You are all in my prayers as well. Thank you.

Stephen P. Pilon, MSLS (’92)
Associate Librarian | Christendom College
134 Christendom Drive | Front Royal, Virginia 22630 |
o: 540-551-9194 | c: 540-660-9628 | f: 540-636-6569

12/4/17 — Special Request from Fr. Ben Cameron (’91)

Dear Alumni,

I've been thinking about the legacy of my brother, Matthew Shane Cameron
('93). What have we learned from Matthew? What memories would we like to be
preserved for years, even generations, to come?

Most of us know that we get to know our parents on a much deeper level once
we are adults than we can know them when we are children. I would like to
compile stories of Matthew, the ways that he affected people for the
better, the lives that have been enriched because he came into contact with
so many "humans of earth." My first goal would be for this book to help his
sons to get to know him better, in ways that they might miss out on
otherwise. Secondly, I think that compiling these stories might be a source
of personal enrichment to all who knew him, for those who joined him in
prayer and support during his nine month battle with cancer -- and maybe
for many other people as well.

So I am asking for YOUR HELP! If you knew Matthew Shane Cameron, or were
inspired and/or enriched by his life, would you be willing to write up your
story, memories, or the ways in which he inspired you or enriched your
life? If so, could you email them to me for possible inclusion in this
book, which I am thinking of giving the title: "Tumbleweed: The Legacy of
Matthew Shane Cameron"?

I would like to include stories from the following periods of his life:
Childhood (1970-1989)
Christendom College years (1989-1993)
"Tumbleweed Years" (1993-1999)
Husband, Father, Entrepreneur (1999-2017)
Courageous Fighter with Cancer (Feb. 14 - Nov. 14, 2017)

If you would like to help with this, please EMAIL me your stories using my
secondary email ( Please have the stories in the body
of the email, or in Word (.doc or .docx), or in LibreOffice (.odt) format.

Thank you, and God bless you all!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Ben Cameron, CPM

11/27/17 — For the repose of the soul of Maria Halliday

Dear Alumni,

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Maria Halliday who attended
Christendom from 2003-2005.

As soon as more info is available, it will be passed on to the alumni

*Eternal rest grant unto her O LORD and let perpetual light shine upon
her.  May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the
mercy of God rest in peace.  Amen.*


Matthew Shane Cameron (’93): Obituary

Dear Alumni,
Last week we shared all the funeral arrangements for fellow alumnus Matthew
Shane Cameron ('93).
*I am sharing his obituary to make sure all alumni see the full write up as
well as his "in lieu of flowers" request.*
Let us pray for the repose of his soul and for the consolation of his
God bless,


Matthew Shane Cameron (47) of Franklin, Tenn. passed away on November 14,

A life-long adventurer, lover of people and fearless entrepreneur, Matthew
leaves behind a legacy of music, videos, film and countless stories of
people he inspired through his work as a producer and as the founder of
Stormlight Pictures. He was a wise teacher of how to have peace in your
heart, a smile on your face, food on your table, courage to love
unconditionally, and the ability to forgive fully. He showed us how to love
each other by loving us.

He leaves behind his wife Tatiana "Tajci" Cameron; sons, Dante, Evan and
Blais Cameron; parents, Walter Eugene "Gene" and RoseMarie Cameron;
brother, Fr. Ben Cameron, C.P.M.; sisters, LinMarie Cameron and Mary
Katherine (Sam) Appiagyei; mother-in-law, Stefica Matejas and many other
loving family members.

Sunday, November 19, 2017: Visitation from 4-6:30 p.m. followed by a rosary
service at Williamson Memorial Funeral Home.

Monday, November 20, 2017: Visitation at 10 a.m., Funeral Mass at 11:00
a.m. at St. Philip Catholic Church, Fr. Ben Cameron and Fr. Bala

Following the burial at Williamson Memorial Gardens, please join us for
lunch and "Irish Wake" with stories, laughter and music at St. Philip
Church Community Center.

*In lieu of flowers, please gift a stranger - a homeless person or someone
who doesn't have anyone supporting them. Tell them it's from Matthew Shane
Cameron.(Contributions can also be made to the Camerons - Memo: Boys
College Fund.) *

*Condolences and Mass cards may be sent to:*
Tatiana Cameron and Family
c/o Fr. Ben Cameron
806 Shaker Museum Rd
Auburn, KY. 42206

*Eternal rest grant unto him O LORD and let perpetual light shine upon
him.  May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the
mercy of God rest in peace.*

11/15/17 — The repose of the soul of Matthew Cameron

Dear Alumni,

Matthew Cameron (’93) passed away yesterday morning (11-14-17).

I delayed the announcement until I made sure the family approved a wide
distribution to alumni.

Please read the Facebook posted by his brother Fr. Ben Cameron (’91):

*Dear Christendom family:Thank you for your many Masses, Rosaries, Chaplets
and other prayers which you have offered for my brother Matthew. He passed
into eternal life early this morning (around 5:00 AM CST). Please pray for
the Blessed repose of his soul, and for the consolation of all his family
and friends (that means you too!). He will be sorely missed by many people!
He was certainly prepared for a Holy death, and my parents, sisters and I
were with him on his last night on earth, praying the sacred prayers of
Holy Mother Church, the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. (Ten
priests have already told me that their Masses today will be for the repose
of Matthew's soul.)With gratitude,Fr. Ben J. Cameron, CPM*

The Alumni Office has requested that a Mass be offered on campus for the
repose of the soul of Matthew Cameron.

I will share funeral arrangements as they are made available.  At that
time, I will also will share an address that you can send your Mass
cards/condolences to.

*Eternal rest grant unto him O LORD and let perpetual light shine upon
him.  May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the
mercy of God rest in peace. *
God bless,


Vincent T. Criste ('98)
Director of Alumni & Donor Relations
Christendom College
134 Christendom Dr
Front Royal, VA 22630
540-636-2900 x 1652 <(540)%20636-2900>
540-660-9617 <(540)%20660-9617>